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We provide more.

We maximize recovery through transparency: Whether straight cash buys or scan-based revenue sharing, we dig deeper into the details than anyone to ensure you always get the most for your inventory. We customize deals based on “the merits of the mix”—delivering the maximum possible recovery through the precision and transparency of sku-level data.

We protect more.

We protect your brand and your sales: Our strict “off-the-radar” brand control policy keeps your identity secure because our vertical network of company-owned warehouses, distribution centers, and physical retail stores keeps your products safe from digital market value denigration and jobber proliferation. There for you every step of the way, CCM is your recurring outlet store partner or pop-up event sale liquidation partner.

We care more.

We champion your initiatives: We take your brand initiatives on sustainability and social support to heart. Our unique “zero-waste” supply chain and vertical retail selling strategy keeps unproductive inventory out of landfills while providing meaningful value to underserved communities through accessible affordability and job creation.

We pay more.

We take immediate possession and guarantee payment: With seven Distribution Centers offering more than 4 million sq. ft. of warehousing and over 3.1+ million sq. ft. of retail selling space in the US and Canada, and financial backing by KKR, Channel Control Merchants can facilitate virtually any size transaction from short to long-term.